Calendar at a glance 17-18

We are accepting Enrollment Contracts for the 2016-2017 school year.  To begin the admissions process, please visit Please contact Michelle Krauska at 262-547-2545 with any questions and to confirm availability.

Please refer to the appropriate forms to submit any necessary applications. Thank you for your interest!

Enrollment Forms:

  1.     17-18 Program Information
  3.     Before and After Care 17-18
  4.     Application for Waiting List

If your child is already enrolled, please refer to these forms as needed:

  1.    Occasional Drop in Care Form
  2.    Occasional or Drop in Care Form – 4K
  3.    Medical Authorization Form
  4.    Conference Care Form
  5.    Pizza Lunch Form 17-18
  6.    Parking lot safety rules